Oasis Aoyama

Oasis Aoyama
Aoyama, Morioka, Iwate

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Spain Trip 1

I went to Spain this time.  On the first day, I stayed in Valencia and saw the Falles Festival which is a traditional celebration held in commemoration of Saint Joseph in the city of Valencia, Spain.
Each area of the city has an organised group and they make Ninots which is Valencian for puppets or dolls. The Ninots take a long time to meke. Falles are displayed on many streets during the 4day festival. They have a contest and these Falles are burned in huge bonfires (except for the 1st prize doll) on the final day.
I went to only the last day of the festival. There was a parade too. It was so busy and noisy because of firecrackers. But everybody was having sooooo much fun! Great festival!