Oasis Aoyama

Oasis Aoyama
Aoyama, Morioka, Iwate

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Chrisween Party 2017

Thank you very much for coming  to our Chrisween party!
We had so much fun together playing games, making a craft and having lunch together. 
Suleiman who is from Nigeria and his family came and helped. Thank you! His baby is like doll! Cute! 

Dale's Lasagna and Blueberry creamcheese pie was sooo Good! Yummy! He is a good cook!
The craft theme was Galaxy bottle. Everyone made their own galaxy in each bottle.  All kids made a good effort and did a great job! 

Have a good time this Christmas!
See you at the next Chrisween Party!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Blueberry Madness

Thank you very much for coming to Blueberry Madness!
We made Blueberry Muffins and jam!

The kid's did a really good job cooking for themselves! All who participated gave an impressive effort to successfully complete their recipes and have fun at the same time!

Saturday, October 14, 2017


更に、先月22日の文科省の発表では 小学校高学年用外国語教材「We Can!」の児童用冊子、教師用指導書、学習指導案を作成、公表しました。これらの教材については本年度中に希望する全ての小学校に配布する予定です。これらの教材の活用を通じて子供達1人1人が生涯にわたる様々な場面で外国語を活用できるよう、初等中等教育段階から外国語によるコミュニケーション能力の育成が図られることを期待します。と話しております。

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Thank you very much for coming to  Blueberry Sunday!  
It was heavy rain that day. But we were able to pick and make jam  as we have done every year. We  could also take home 5 kg of freshly picked blueberries each. Wow!  We had our usual potluck lunch too!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Pastello in Morioka 2017

Thank you very much for coming to Pastello!
We had a good time together as we do every year.

This year's theme was "Storm Glass". The storm glass was an instrument which was proposed as a method for predicting weather. It consisted of a special liquid placed inside a sealed transparent glass. The state of crystallization within the liquid was believed to be related to the weather.  
And we also made stand for glass to make clay from toilet paper! It was very interesting. All the kids did a good job! 

We went to the park behind Oasis for lunch. 
We ate Dale's handmade hamburgers! It was very delicious as usualThank you very much every year!

                                                    Have a good summer!
                                             See you at next year's Pastello!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Hot Day


Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Spain Trip 7

Plaza Mayor Salamanca at midnight

Can you see the stork? Wow!      The letter which was written with fighting bull's blood    Can you find the frog?

Finally, I went to Salamanca! I went  there from Portugal by midnight bus. To go  there was the main purpose of this trip. My dream has come true by finally going to Santiago de Compostela and Portugal! 
My daughter goes to Salamanca University now. So I had this chance to visit. Salamanca city is one of the most important university cities in Spain and it was declared a UNESCO  World Heritage Site.
Salamanca University is the oldest university in Spain and the third oldest university in the world still in continuous operations. It was given the Royal charter of foundation by King Alfonso IX in 1218. So next year will be it's 800th anniversary. The oldest buildings have become museums and many tourists come. The library is included in these pictures as well. The city was famous for bullfighting and it is said that the letters written on the wall used the blood of bulls during the bullfighting days long ago.
The Black Iberian pig also is famous in the city. So there are many shops with pig thighs hanging from the ceilings! Taste was so great! That's Spain! I wanted to stay longer and walk around to see more places slowly. But my daughter said that one day is more than enough to see the city. So I could stay there only one and a half days. It was very short. But it was a very nice and quiet city!