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Oasis Aoyama
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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Spain Trip 3

I went to Santiago de Compostela from Barcelona by plane. It was one of the purposes of my this trip. Although, I'm not a Catholic, I wanted to go there on a pilgrimage if possible. But I didn't have enough time for that.  I stayed at Parador which are usually located in a converted historical building such as a monastery or castle. This one was very old so the floor made sounds when I walked on it. But the room, breakfast and  their service was great! 
I went to see Cathedral de Santiago de Compostela the next day at last ! The tears came naturally into my eyes. The atmosphere was very serious. I felt awestruck inside there. I couldn't help thinking about the long history. I saw real confession box for the first time. I've only seen them in old movies!
I ate Tarta de Santiago which is a typical cake there. It's main ingredient is crushed almonds. Yummy!

                                 Tarta de Santiago