Oasis Aoyama

Oasis Aoyama
Aoyama, Morioka, Iwate

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Spain Trip 4

I went to a Tapas restaurant. Tapas is like an appetizer or snack. It's a small dish and we can order many kinds of Tapas. So we can share and have fun with each kind of food together. The word "tapas" is from tapar which means "to cover" in English. First, they used a piece of meat or bread  to cover a glass of sherry to guard it from flies. Also they used a dish for a cover and then they began to put some snacks on it and they started to call this "Tapas". Even just to see the Tapas restaurant is so fun! It's like a cake shop!

I found a "A-un" statue in Santiago de Compostela! Wow! 

I was surprised to see it for real!
This "→" (arrow) is a sign for pilgrims. There were signs of yellow scallop too.

I went to Portugal by bus after that. To finally go there has been a dream of mine! I've wanted to go there for loooong time! Yeah!! 
My first impression when I arrived in Porto, was how colorful, pretty and hilly it was! It's like a town for doll's. Using tiles for walls is common? There were many kinds of tile patterns and so very colorful. Although it was rainy when I first arrived I was very excited during these 3 days of our stay!