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Oasis Aoyama
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Monday, June 19, 2017

Spain Trip 6

Olive Tree. Big!                                                Codfish Croquette                                       Beautiful Book Store

 I went around my apartment. It was fun just to only walk around. 
First, I went to Sao Bento station. People say it's "The most beautiful station in the world".  It really was beautiful. It's like an art museum. The walls are made from tile. Second, I went to a bookstore. The people also say that this is  "The most beautiful book store in the world". Really?😒 They like "The most beautiful" words sounds? But it also was as they said, beautiful! It was one of the locations for the making of the movie "Harry Potter".

Dry codfish is so popular in Porto. There were codfish croquette shops. They are like fast-food restaurants. It was good with beer!

I went to the Atlantic Ocean at last! I wanted to stand at the edge of Portugal and to see the ocean from there. Actually, I really wanted to go to the Monument of the Discoveries and to see it from there. Anyway, it was my dream! I was very glad!

Good-bye Porto! I will come again!

I went to see the Ocean using this tram. Cute!